Who is this pilot program for?  

It is for anyone frustrated with distractions that ultimately hinder productivity while working from home.

What can I get from this program? 

You will learn how to transform your workspace into a comfortable and functional home office that provides maximum productivity.  It allows you to reach your everyday goals while also having more time for yourself and your family.

Why is this program worth my time? How is it any different from information I can already find online or in books?

It’s not solely about the information. It’s about the process. The program shows you exactly what you need to do and gives you the confidence and ability to implement what you have learned on your own. Your successful outcome is the top priority for us, and we’ll be there for you if you need any help along the way.  

What does pilot program mean? 

This program is about co-creation. We teach you the material and at the same time we’ll adjust it to your needs. Because the pilot course is conducted in a small group, we will provide more interaction, more personal attention, more support than a full course with each and every step of learning for only a small fraction of the cost. 

What will I learn?


The home office is a reflection of you and your business.

This lesson is about the system, which puts you in the focus and allows you to make a substantial transformation in your home environment, as well as in yourself.

  • You will learn about direct correlation between the comfort of your workspace, your productivity and your income.
  • You will get a system which helps design your workspace to be fully aligned with your wants and needs, goals and dreams and personal/working lifestyle. 


Winning a battle with distractions.

This lesson is about designing your workspace to eliminate physical and visual distractions and get you to the most productive mode.

  • You will learn the fastest and most effective ways to declutter your space.
  • You will create the best functional furniture layout that keeps both your personal and work lifestyle in mind.
  • You will analyze the furniture you already have to make sure it suits you perfectly and supports you throughout the entire day.
  • You will be given the best storage solutions, tips and tricks to organize your stuff.
  • You will know how to illuminate your workspace with smart lighting.


It’s all about balance.

This lesson is about designing a space that motivates and inspires you to achieve your business and personal goals while also rejuvenating and restoring you.

  • You will discover how to match your wall colors to your work style.
  • You will know how to use environmental stimulation to impact your productivity.
  • You will learn which kinds of artwork motivate you to get the most of your work hours and which ones bring you into relaxation mode.
  • You will learn how the way you dress at home affects your productivity level as well as thinking and communicating, and how to find the dress code that’s right for you.


Establishing routines and habits.

This lesson is about creating routines and habits in your life that increase your productivity and prosperity.

  • You will learn what to do to create an energizing morning routine as well as how to unwind after a long day of work. 
  • You will learn how to recover your energy and revitalize yourself.

How this pilot program will work:

Each of the 4 sessions of this program will include the following:

  • A live presentation that will help you get started on transforming your workspace and show you what to do on each stage 
  • Bonus material with PDF documents, worksheets, exercises and tips that will help you work on each stage
  • Q&A time 

If you miss the session, don’t worry. It will be fully recorded and accessible.

Also, you will be given a one-on-one personal design  consultation to discuss all of your design questions.

All of this and much more for only a fraction of the price!

The pilot group is going to be small, so if you’re interested, be sure to act fast before spots are filled.   

When will the pilot program start and what will the schedule be?

We will meet online once a week for four weeks every Tuesday at 2 p.m. C/T for at least 60 minutes a session. The program begins on August 2nd, 2017. Here are the four dates:

August 2nd 

August 8th

August 15th

August 22nd

Course Curriculum

About the instructor

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Irena Feldman

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